Video: Drive it 'til (and after) the wheels fall off

Dangerous driver

Taking the old adage 'drive it until the wheels fall off' to new extremes, one US motorist has been filmed driving at high speeds without a front wheel.

Filmed by an astonished driver in a following car in Newark, New Jersey, last week, the car can be seen travelling on a busy main road with its right front corner dragging on the ground.

Somehow managing to keep control of the vehicle, the driver simply carries on as though nothing has happened, as they shower fellow road users with hot sparks and literally drives the car into the ground.

Eventually the driver's banzai charge is stopped by the police. It is not known why they didn't pull over as soon as they realised the wheel was missing, or what caused it to detach itself from the vehicle in the first place.

Click play below to view the footage, though be warned: the film is littered with bad language.