Video: Volvo truck vs Koenigsegg supercar

Supercar vs Lorry
YouTube/Volvo Trucks

Volvo's truck division has made a name for itself in recent years, with its series of entertaining adverts, featuring everything from high-wire stunts to hamsters taking to the wheel (literally). Now, though, the traditionally conservative manufacturer has pulled out all the stops, by pitting its latest creation against a fully-fledged supercar.

The (rather tenuous) link here is the inclusion, for the first time on a HGV, of a dual-clutch gearbox on Volvo's latest FH model – just the sort of quick-shifting tech you'd expect to find on a low-slung piece of automotive exotica. So the sensible-shoes Swedish brand has got together with that other Swedish (though rather less sensible) carmaker Koenigsegg, which brought along its latest licence-burner, the One:1.

Although they are two completely different machines and are designed for a completely different purpose, the two vehicles end up in a thrilling battle that continues into the very last seconds of the race. Never mind that the car is handicapped by the need to cover an extra lap over the lorry.

Presenting the video, and expertly(ish) piloting the FH lorry is TV presenter and former racing driver Tiff Needell.

Author: Padraig Mallett