F1 car dominates at track day

A22 Arrow at Zolder

If you're an F1 fan and find yourself missing the sound of the cars from the good old days, or if you've ever wondered how you would fair in a race against an F1 car in a normal road car - then this video might be one for you.

Rennwerk – a German motorsport engineering company - posted this video of one driver who took an Arrows A22 F1 car for a test drive on an open track day at the Zolder circuit in Belgium.

The Arrows A22 was by no means the quickest F1 car of its day (2001) but as you see it breeze past every other car on the track with ease, it becomes immediately apparent just how much faster an F1 car is compared to more normal performance machinery

However, before you go thinking that buying a retired F1 car is the quick route to track day glory, bear in mind this driver had a whole host of engineers and race mechanics employed to keep the fragile orange beast running in top condition.

Click play to watch the footage below.

Author: Padraig Mallett