Armoured car company boss sits in car as colleague takes fire

Bulletproof car shot with AK-47
YouTube / armoredvehicles

A number of companies like to over promise and under deliver when it comes to selling products to consumers. However, this is not the case with the San Antonio based company, Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC). They are so confident with their products that they are willing to risk their own lives when putting them to the test.

In their latest promo video TAC president and CEO Trent Kimball volunteers to sit in the driver's seat of a custom built bulletproof Mercedes GL while one his colleagues points an AK-47 at the windscreen and takes fire. We guess he has a good medical plan.

*Spoiler alert* No one dies in this video. What does happen is in fact very undramatic. The bullets disappear into the windscreen like snowballs, while Kimball sits unflinchingly behind the wheel.

At the end of the clip boss Kimball can even be heard saying: "That was frigging amazing... it could have taken a lot more!"

See the action for yourself in the video below:

With thanks to Jalopnik.