Pro driver's showreel is a balletic display of car control

Mauro Calo showreel
YouTube/SIDEWAYS with Mauro Calo

As any budding actor or television presenter will tell you, a high-quality showreel is essential to getting noticed. A compilation film of your on-camera highlights, perhaps overlaid with some inspiring music, surely has to be the best way of getting producers to take an interest and for the jobs to come rolling in.

It seems that it isn't just those looking for their 15 minutes of fame that make use of showreels, as this awesome promotional film from precision driver Mauro Calo shows.

Being the preferred wheel-man for everything from manufacturer promo films, Hollywood blockbusters and Top Gear (you didn't really think that was Clarkson doing the driving, did you?), you've probably seen Mauro in action, smoking tyres, getting cars sideways and generally making driving a car beyond its limits look easier than breathing.

He also once held the record for the world's longest drift, should you require any on-paper credentials to back up his on-screen prowess.

Click play below to watch driving being turned into an art form.