Show-off Lambo driver sets fire to car

Lamborghini Aventador fire
YouTube/Flex Comedy

In the great Ferrari vs Lamborghini debate, it has long been a widely held belief that you buy a car bearing the prancing stallion if you want to drive, and one with the raging bull if you want to show off.

A new video shot on the streets of Knightsbridge certainly gives some credence to that adage, capturing the moment an attention seeking Lamborghini Aventador driver revs his engine so hard, he sets the car on fire.

The £260,000 supercar is famed for spitting blue flames from the exhaust when its screaming V12 engine is worked hard. Obviously trying to garner some interest in his car from passers-by, the driver floors the throttle, resulting in a huge burst of flame from the exhaust pipes.

Unfortunately, he overdoes it, and the car catches fire. Despite attempting to put it out by spitting on it (really) and driving off to smother the fire, the hapless driver seems to just fan the flames and make the situation worse.

It is unknown how much damage was caused to the car as a result of the fire. Click play below to watch the footage.