Video: Porsche makes global map of top driving roads

Porsche road trip

While many supercar buyers spend their days tooling around the city in their vastly overpowered machines, these vehicles are designed to be driven – and this is something that Porsche – and its super-obsessive engineers, haven't forgotten.

Helping to direct Porsche owners –and those of lesser vehicles too, of course – to all the best bits of blacktop, the German manufacturer has compiled a map of the ultimate driving roads across the globe and plotted this out on a Google Map, which has been branded "GTS Community" – to link in with the brand's focused GTS models.

Porsche added a few of its own suggestions before inviting users to add their out routes, which can be rated by other members. Take a look at this log of road trip nirvana and you'll see iconic routes varying from the Stelvio Pass to the closer-to-home Snake Pass.

Now all we need is a bona fide supercar, a fuel card and week off work. Take a look at the video below to whet your own appetite (with thanks to Car Throttle) and head over to Porsche's GTS site: