Video: Fire engine pulls burnout and tears down drag strip

Fire engine pulls burnout on drag strip
SecretSquirrel Diesel

Countless kids around the world yearn to be firemen and police officers, so they can put on the blues-and-twos and zoom across city centres at top speed, while startled pedestrians look on in admiration. And who can blame them?

However, this high-speed video doesn't see a police car dodging pedestrians on a town centre pursuit, or a fire engine careering across tight urban streets; what we have here, is the answer to a question which literally no one has been asking – what happens if you take a fire engine to a drag strip?

And the answer, irrefutably, is lots of acrid black smoke from the exhaust, followed by reams of white smoke from the pairs of rear tyres.

Releasing the brakes, the driver turns on the sirens for good measure and guides the lumbering water-carrier along the course, with the engine bellowing out an offbeat thrum, as it inches down the track.

Have a look and listen to this lurid yellow beast in the video below (hat tip to Car Throttle):