​Pensioner rescued after 'deliberately' driving into sea

VW Golf driven into sea

Elderly drivers may be stereotyped as bleary-eyed and confused, but one seventy-something woman 'deliberately' drove her Volkswagen Golf straight into the sea at noon yesterday, after lowering the front windows.

The elderly woman sped past a group of day-trippers in Poole on the Dorset coastline, driving down a ferry slipway and into the cold water, the Telegraph reports. Her silver VW was quickly picked up by the tide and carried 100 yards out to sea, witnesses said.

As the car slowly sank, the woman continued to sit in the driver's seat without moving, unswayed by the yells of those on the quayside. A passing fishing boat pulled alongside, with one of the fishermen diving into the water to drag her out, as she made no attempt to get out of the car. Moments later, the Golf disappeared completely beneath the water.

The woman was then pulled on to a lifeboat before being taken to a jetty on Dorset's extremely upmarket Sandbanks peninsula. She was subsequently rushed to hospital to be treated for hypothermia.

Witness Steve Chater-Lea told the Telegraph: "She drove past the ferry queue and accelerated down the ramp. It was definitely deliberate, you could tell from the way she revved the engine and the force with which she hit the water.

"Both her windows were down and you could see her just sat there oblivious to people shouting out to her to get out. She made no movement or attempt to leave the car.

"A fishing boat came alongside the car but she still wouldn't get out and one of the crew dived in and pulled her out of the passenger side."

A barge-mounted crane arrived an hour after the incident and retrieved the car from the water.