New Zealanders caught shifting fridge on top of car

New Zealanders transport fridge on top of car
Facebook / New Lynn

Moving house is undoubtedly expensive, and why pay removals men when you can do the job just as well...? This was obviously the thought process that several New Zealanders went through when they were stuck with a fridge to shift, last Friday afternoon.

Rather than look for a mate with a pick-up, or even call in a few favours somewhere, these people from West Auckland decided to use what they had to hand – namely a small Nissan two-door saloon – to cart around their oversized beer chiller.

In the same vein, these amateur removals men obviously didn't want to mess around with securing ropes, or even some kind of harness to keep their load in place. No, what you need for the ultimate safety, is a slightly podgy, flip flop-clad bloke standing on the boot of the car to hold said fridge in place; their genius knows no bounds.

Unsurprisingly, these Kiwis' antics caught a number of passersby's attention, with photos appearing on Facebook and Twitter shortly after the delivery was made. Failing to see the funny side of this escapade, local police are looking for the "brains" behind the operation, the New Zealand Herald reports.

"The consequences of injury to this person and other road users as well as potential damage to other vehicles is obvious," said the police area commander, Inspector Scott Webb, to the newspaper.

Director of road safety group Brake, Caroline Perry, went even further: "They are not only putting themselves at risk, but also other road users, particularly more vulnerable users like pedestrians and cyclists. If something went wrong there could have been devastating consequences."

While we don't condone this kind of behaviour, it's hard to imagine a scenario where a pedestrian is knocked out cold by the fridge in question. But still, the next time you need to shift a fridge, we'd recommend you put it in the car.