Bikers bully motorcycle policeman

bikers taunt cop

Footage has emerged of a group of bikers intimidating a biker cop on a US highway.

Dozens of bikers taunted the officer as he instructed them to pull over on the southbound carriageway of Interstate 680 in Milpitas, California.

The lead biker captured the footage on his helmet-mounted GoPro camera. He can be seen driving alongside the officer, shooing him away with his hand and encouraging the other riders to speed off in front, as the cop fruitlessly pleads with him to stop his vehicle.

Eventually the cop realises he's outnumbered and in a situation that could potentially escalate badly, and decides to steam off into the distance, leaving the bikers punching the air in triumph.

As the bikes rush ahead of the camera, they can be seen speeding, doing wheelies, and performing other dangerous stunts on the public road, with most wearing no more protection than a crash helmet.

Click play below to see the film of their reckless actions.

Author: Tamsin Fewkes