Lorry motorway shunt caught on camera

Heavy traffic on the M6 motorway in North West England
Matt Naylor

The moment a car driver spectacularly fails at joining a motorway, causing him to be pushed along the inside lane by a HGV, has been captured on the lorry's dash cam.

Attempting to join the busy M25, this dozy Honda driver fails to filter into lane one properly, and strikes the rear side of his car against the truck's bumper.

The car then swings out directly into the path of the lorry, and is dragged along at 50mph, sideways, for about 100 metres, before the lorry driver is able to bring his vehicle to a slow halt on the hard shoulder.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in what was no doubt a terrifying experience for all those involved.

Accidents of this nature are a worryingly common occurrence on British motorways, although they normally occur with foreign-registered lorries whose drivers are unable to see cars in the process of overtaking, as the driver is sat on the other side of the cab. As a vehicle is normally in the lorry's blind spot as it passes the cab, they can be flipped in front of an HGV in a similar manner, should the lorry driver attempt to move into the middle lane.

Click play to watch the accident footage below. We're sure it'll make you think about exactly what you're doing the next time you're venturing up a motorway slip road.