​Rare Bentley Fastback heading to auction

Bentley Fastback up for auction
Silverstone Auctions

When it comes to classic cars, value is often intrinsically tied to rarity. And a total production run of three cars seems rare enough to us; that's exactly how many right hand drive automatic Bentley Type R Continental Fastbacks were – painstakingly – built.

This luxurious machine is expected to raise between £800,000 and £900,000 when it goes under the hammer at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show at Birmingham's NEC Classic Motor Show Sale on November 14 to 16.

The long-bonneted 1954 classic cruiser packs a huge 4.9-litre six-cylinder motor and looks to be in pristine condition, with its plump mid-blue leather seats, deep, plush carpets, lustrous wood dashboard and having recently had a full Shell Grey respray lavished upon it, reports Auto Evolution.

The upmarket machine appears to have been pampered over its six decades of existence, with reams of paperwork, piles of previous tax discs and one particularly hefty bill mounting up to £48,000 – enough in its own right to buy you a brand new Audi A7 luxury fastback.

According to its current owner the Fastback is close to concours condition after its recent spruce up, and it features a number of factory-fit 'special features' including electric window lifts, a Smiths ventilation and heating system and two foglamps instead of the single standard light.

It has also received several choice 21st century additions, such as a state-of-the-art sound system – "cunningly concealed in a slide out tray" according to the auction house – and ice cold air conditioning.

If this sounds like your kind of machine, you better get yourself – and your credit card – to Birmingham and give your bidding arm some exercise; we anticipate that this Bentley could go for a lot more than its top estimate if there's a crowd of Bentley fans in the room.

Bentley Fastback up for auction

Bentley Fastback up for auction