​Video: 1,973bhp Nissan GT-R is the world's fastest

Rapid Nissan GT-R drag race
YouTube / ThatRacingChannel

When it comes to power the Nissan GT-R is hardly underendowed, with 542 psychotic yakuza-spec ponies gnashing away under the bonnet. And the GT-R doesn't exactly have a problem transmitting this rampant pony power to the Tarmac, with four-wheel drive and no end of CIA-grade electronic wizardry divvying up the tyre-frying punch between the wheels.

However, one unhinged lunatic (in a good way, we add), has decided to nearly quadruple the car's horsepower count, by creating a terrifyingly menacing 1,973bhp monster, which decimates the quarter of a mile sprint in a organ-crushing 7.7 seconds.

As for the nought to 60mph time, budget 1.53 seconds for that. Pretty impressive. Less impressive, however, when you realise that each one of those horses shaves just 0.0008 seconds off the standard car's 2.7 second time for the benchmark sprint.

What the 'standard' car can't do however, is lift the front tyres clean off the Tarmac when accelerating. Take a look at the video below to see just what 1,973bhp can do (with thanks to Auto Evolution):