Bentley launches £10,700 smartphone

Vertu Bentley phone

In a world where technology is ever changing, smart phones are becoming increasingly expensive, as their creators constantly stuff more features into their latest devices.

With some of the most popular handsets selling for more than £500, buying a new phone outright is a pricey process for most buyers. However, if you're riled that even supposedly penniless students can afford the phone you're using, one manufacturer has come to the rescue: Bentley.

For those who can afford to splash €12,500 (£10,000) on their phone and have a penchant for the British brand, renowned luxury smartphone manufacturer Vertu has unveiled Vertu for Bentley.

According to Vertu: "The unmistakable Vertu for Bentley has a knurled, Grade 5 titanium casing and a sleek quilted trim to match Bentley styling. With a Grade 5 titanium, engine-turned back plate, echoing Bentley's instrument panel, this edition also carries a forged metal winged Bentley badge and contains exclusive Bentley content".

We're not sure what the benefits of having a knurled, Grade 5 titanium casing are, however, we do know that the phone has suitably upmarket Bang & Olufsen speakers to provide the sound, along with a 13-megapixel camera on the back from the high-end camera manufacturer, Hasselblad.

And if you're tired of those commonplace noises that come out of everyone else's phones, fear no more, as the London Symphony Orchestra created the ringtones and alert sounds for this device.

If the high quality components and ringtones composed by the musical talents of the London Symphony Orchestra don't justify the price tag on this phone for you, then perhaps the 24-hour concierge service will.

This is a 12-month subscription that provides users with a "dedicated personal lifestyle manager" and worldwide "team assistance". There is also "Life", for invitations, exclusive access to events and such, and "Certainty", which is a dedicated smartphone and data support service.

We'll have two, please.