​Video: Audi RS7 to lap German F1 track at speed - WITHOUT driver

Autonomous Audi RS7 Sportback

Audi is set to raise the autonomous car bar by racing an RS7 Sportback around the Hockenheimring at up to 149mph.

Appearing at Germany's touring car championship finale at Hockenheim on Sunday, this stunt will see the computer-controlled Audi tackle the circuit at race speed, to "underscore the potential of piloted driving technology", according to the German car manufacturer.

The feat will be broadcast live on Audi MediaTV, with a lap time of around two minutes expected – a far cry from the race-record 1:13.780 lap time achieved by Kimi Raikkonen way back in 2004.

Audi claims that: "the RS7 Sportback piloted driving concept car will be approximately as fast as with a professional racing driver at the wheel."

In the meantime have a look at what to expect in the video below, and keep an eye on Audi's website at 12:45pm on Sunday, when the automated RS7 will take to the track.