​Video: Spanish men hack Peugeot 205s in half with axes

Men cut Peugeot 205 in half
YouTube / coches.com

No doubt you've seen the World's Strongest Man competition. If so, you'll know that cars and male demonstrations of wanton testosterone go hand in hand – whether it's lifting up the back of a heavily branded new hatchback, carrying a hollowed out supermini over your shoulders (yes, really) or even dragging a lorry behind you.

Spain however, has found a new way to get its car kicks, with a car-splitting contest – perfect for DIY cut-and-shut fans. This video shows two forlorn French hatchbacks – Peugeot 205s no less – being hacked in half, which takes little more than a couple of minutes.

While the 205 is known for pretty much disintegrating by itself, we're eagerly awaiting the next round of World's Strongest Man and the Land Rover Discovery axe attack challenge. That might just take a little more than two minutes...

Take a look at these Spaniards' axework in the video below (with thanks to Car Throttle):