​Video: Meet the $300,000 Scalextric track

Slot car track
YouTube / Slotmodsusa's channel

Most Scalextric tracks are pretty uninspiring, with a simple NASCAR oval – or, if you're lucky – a figure of eight. However, online luxury boutique Neiman Marcus has come to the rescue of nine-year-olds everywhere, with the ultimate Scalextric track, which has been modelled around race circuits across the globe.

Admittedly, the average British child would have to save all of their pocket money for 620 years to afford the $300,000 price tag (£186,936). But, having a look at this footage, we think it'd be worth it.

This most epic of tracks, the so-called 'USA Ultimate Slot Car Raceway – conveniently forgetting that two of the three track models available are European – features recognisable bends from a number of iconic raceways, along with structures, period Scalextric cars and pit crews, all replicated in glorious 1:32 scale.

Extending to a whopping 30 feet by 12 feet, buyers may also have to fish behind the back of the sofa to build a new room to house for this gigantic – and "100% authentic" – raceway, which even features cameras that relay all the action to "mini screens".

With a six-month build time you won't get one in time for Christmas, but order now and it'll arrive just after Mother's Day. You know she'll love it...maybe.

Take a look at the video below to see the track in all its glory: