Third of British drivers go into MOTs unprepared

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A third of drivers do nothing to prepare their car for its annual MOT test, despite the fact that the cost of making a failed vehicle roadworthy has risen by around 10 per cent.

Simple tasks such as checking tyre pressures and oil levels are neglected by many vehicle owners and often result in unnecessary bills when they have to be put right.

Research by Allianz insurance found that broken headlights and indicators made up 14 per cent of the reasons for MOT failure, despite being very easy to check.

Coming in a close second was illegally worn tyres, making up 12 per cent of test failures, followed by damaged exhausts at eight per cent – both of which can be identified with a quick check.

Regularly checking the condition of your vehicle is critical to road safety, according to Jon Dye, UK chief executive of Allianz Insurance.

He said: "We all want our roads to be as safe as possible and a lot can happen to a vehicle's road-worthiness in between MOT tests. In particular, tyres and brakes should be maintained in the best possible condition, as defects in either could cause an accident."

On top of the dangers of not regularly checking your car is the cost of repairing such minor issues, which is up by an average of 10 percent on last year's figures, at £200.

The number of drivers becoming complacent over the condition of their cars is also on the rise, with the 33 per cent identified by Allianz's research, up from just over a quarter last year.

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Author: Harry Boucher