​Volvo makes move towards crashproof cars

Volvo Non-Hit Car and Truck project

Volvo has moved a step closer to creating crashproof cars, with the development of its "Non-Hit Car and Truck" project. This forms one key part in the Swedish car company's ambition of making sure that nobody is killed or seriously injured in any of its new cars by 2020.

Central to achieving this vision, is a new system that calculates collision-free escape routes from any danger ahead. This means that if the car cannot stop in time to avoid a hazard ahead, the car would be able to work out a crash-free path around obstacles, Volvo claims.

This safety project comes to an end in December, having developed new sensor technologies that can build up a 360 degree view around the car. Suitable for both cars and commercial vehicles this kit cuts the risk of a crash thanks to its linked network of sensors dotted across the vehicle that monitor the roads all around, courtesy of cameras, radar, lidar and GPS systems.

All of this technology means that cars can spot any potentially dangerous obstacles ahead, with a "manouevre generator" determining the best collision-free routes around the danger, courtesy of auto-braking and steering control.

Anders Almevad, project manager for Volvo's non-hit car work, says: "The technology is imperative for the development of self-driving cars, which will be able to automatically steer and brake to avoid collision with any object in any situation."

"Our primary objective is to focus on preventing different types of accident scenarios. But going forward, we will also continue to work on developing cars that adapt to each individual driver's unique behaviour."