Shocking footage of Jules Bianchi's horror smash released

Motor Racing - Jules Bianchi Filer
David Davies/PA Wire

Sunday's Formula One race in Suzuka, Japan was marred by poor weather and a number of incidents, the most serious of which called for the event to be halted after 44 laps of intense racing.

Video footage of the moment Marussia driver Jules Bianchi ploughed into the rear of a tractor - which was rescuing crashed Sauber driver Adrian Sutil - and subsequently forced the race to be abandoned has been released online.

The 25-year old driver remains in a stable but critical condition in intensive care today following emergency surgery to a serious head injury he suffered during the accident.

According to the Daily Mail, Professor Gerard Saillant, president of the FIA medical commission and the brain injury specialist who treated Michael Schumacher after his skiing accident, has flown to Japan to advise on Bianchi's treatment.

It also revealed sources at the hospital said Bianchi was breathing but only with the help of a ventilator, not on his own as was originally reported in the French media on Sunday night.

The high-speed incident, which can be seen in the clip below, has been described as a 'freak accident' by F1 organisers. Former FIA president Max Mosley told Sky Sports News yesterday: "I think what happened in Suzuka was very unfortunate, a freak accident.

"But I can't really fault any of the people involved - the marshals or the race director, any of those people. I think everything was done as it should have been."

But Williams driver Felipe Massa said he had been warning his team about the amount of water in the track long before Bianchi crashed. He told reporters after the race on Sunday that he was "screaming over the radio" about the treacherous conditions.

The F1 circus rolls into Sochi, Russia for next weekend's race but Marussia officials are yet to reveal whether or not the team will take part.