Lamborghini prank goes horribly wrong

Lamborghini prank backfires

There's nothing worse than being cut up by a fellow driver, and for them not to admit their mistake. Add in some single-digit based gesticulation, and what was a minor traffic faux pas can turn into a full-on roadside-ruck.

Two Internet pranksters decided to lighten the mood recently, when they were faced with this very situation. Instead of get into a confrontation with an inconsiderate Lamborghini Gallardo owner, they instead decide to decorate his car with a comedy fake dog poo.

Unfortunately, though rather unsurprisingly, the supercar owner doesn't take too kindly to two chaps smearing what looks like faeces on his pride and joy, and goes to confront them.

What happens next nobody could have guessed. As one of the pranksters attempts to explain what they are doing, the irate driver casually pulls out a taser and treats him to a dose of high voltage pain.

Check out the video below, though be warned: some viewers may find the footage distressing.