Is Ferrari adding a motorcycle to its line-up?

Ferrari 900
Ferrari 900 - Credit: Bonhams Auctions

Ferrari has submitted a patent for a new V-twin engine, raising keen suspicion that the famed supercar manufacturer is turning its attention to motorcycles.

The patent is only for an "Internal combustion engine with 'V' configuration of the cylinders," reports Visor Down. However, included in the application is a technical drawing of the engine used in a motorcycle. The sketch shows a classic chopper style bike, which could hint to the design of a future model but could equally just be a generic image.

Ferrari has also submitted a trademark application for the name 'Cavallino', which means 'pony' in Italian, and marked it for vehicle use. There's currently no hard evidence to link the two but here's hoping the Italian marque is branching out. The thought of a motorcycle with some Ferrari flare is definitely getting our hearts racing.

In the patent application, Ferrari claims the new engine will no longer need balancing countershafts and can reduce or eliminate the vibrations riders currently get with V-twins. Ferrari instead states that they are using "balancing masses" directly attached to the crankshaft and says that this will cut the overall weight of the engine and the forces on it.

Only one motorcycle has ever carried the Ferrari badge - the Ferrari 900, an aluminium-bodied creation, fitted with a 105hp 900cc inline four-cylinder motor. The bike was a tribute to Enzo Ferrari. The creator, David Kay Engineering, was granted permission from Enzo's son Piero Ferrari to use the prancing horse badge on his motorcycle, which was sold for £85,000 at auction after failing to sell on eBay for £250,000.

Author: Rebecca Chaplin