Japanese drifters show how it's done

Japan's drifters

What do you know about drifting? The art of getting a car sideways and keeping it there while smoke pours off the tyres may seem juvenile, but it requires skillful car control – so much so that there are now drift championships, in which talented drivers can show off their tyre-torturing skills.

But from where did this dark art originate? While some may wager it was born in the world of Playstation car racing games, drifting can trace its beginnings to a place way cooler: the mountains of Japan.

Car-obsessed teens looking for kicks in the land of the rising sun don't head out to their local McDonalds car park, like their British counterparts. Instead, they take their souped up sports coupes to the twistiest roads they can find, before driving in a duel with another car, in an epic display of synchronised smoking.

Check out the brace of videos below to see just how precise these guys are behind the wheel. To many around the world, these anonymous youngsters are driving gods in a way that the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso could never hope to be.