Video: Road rage gets out of hand

Audi road rage
YouTube/ Car Crash Compilation

No matter how calm a driver you think you are, there is inevitably going to be a time – we'd wager while battling SUVs on the school run – that the red mist will descend. It's perfectly normal, though it's how you deal with the enraging situation that will turn it from a minor nuisance to a full-blown court case.

Whatever you do, don't follow this angry Chinese Audi driver's lead. Looking to change lane on a busy motorway, he finds the space occupied by a Suzuki supermini. Rather than simply wait the few seconds for it to pass, Audi driver attempts to muscle his way in.

The plucky hatchback driver is having none of it, though, and holds firm in his lane. What follows is an unbelievable display of driving petulance, as the Audi driver then repeatedly rams the Suzuki, before finally forcing the car to the side of the road, to the amazement of drivers following.

Click play to watch the footage below, and just remember to count to 10 the next time you find yourself sharing road space with a cretin like this (with thanks to Car Throttle).