Russian cyclist escapes death twice in a single second

Cyclist near miss
YouTube/AVK Wellcom

Given the near constant stream of hair-raising dash cam videos emerging from Russia, you'd be forgiven for thinking that no one in the country cycles, as they simply wouldn't last more than a day.

The footage below – for once not captured on a dash cam, but by CCTV monitoring a junction – just goes to show the perils that pedal pushers in the former Soviet Union face. The gods of the road were clearly smiling on this chap, though.

Casually making his way across the junction, the cyclist is suddenly confronted by a high-speed traffic collision, after a lorry T-bones a passing car. Narrowly avoiding being clotheslined by the car, he is suddenly faced with a rapidly toppling lorry, which collides with him, but amazingly, doesn't squash him flat.

Thankfully, all parties involved, including the car and truck drivers, escaped the accident without serious injury.

Check out the astonishing footage below. Cyclist, whoever you are, we urge you to buy a lottery ticket.