​Video: Driver restores Ferrari Enzo he crashed into the sea

Ferrari Enzo crashes into sea
YouTube / ZR Auto

Any highly-strung 6.0-litre V12 Ferrari is going to be a handful to drive. Race it along an ocean road and the stakes, however, are much higher – especially if it's an ocean road with no barriers and the sea waters lapping the shore just metres from the edge of the Tarmac.

This is exactly the situation that Ferrari Enzo owner Zahir Rana found himself in, when competing in the Targa Newfoundland in Canada, back in 2011, reports Motor Authority.

Racing along a winding ribbon of road along the coast Rana lost control of the Enzo, went to correct the spin and ended up flinging the car into the salt water.

To all normal people the car would be a write off. However, Rana wasn't ready to scrap his submerged Ferrari - after a little encouragement and seeing that the car was still physically intact, that is. Instead he initiated a mammoth restoration attempt that saw the soggy, salty supercar reborn as the "ZR Auto ZXX".

Sorting out the water damage and fixing the crash damage itself cost Rana and the team at German garage Edo Competition a huge amount of toil – and cash – but the car has now be reborn with extra power and improved handling.

All we hope, is that the improved handling will keep Rana's restored car out of the drink. Have a look at the video below to see Rana's Ferrari – before and after – its dip in Davy Jones' locker: