​One in four young drivers' cars are bought by parents

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Shutterstock / Lisa F. Young

A quarter of young British drivers are bought their first car by their parents, a new survey carried out by Auto Trader has found. This symbolises a significant jump over their parents' generation – when only 15 per cent of new drivers had a car bought for them.

This survey of 1,024 UK motorists carried out last month, found that parents on average contribute £4,000 to their children's first car. However, two per cent of British parents stump up more than £40,000 for their offspring's first vehicle.

The most popular brands for a first car have changed little however. Ford topped the list of parents' first cars, accounting for 31 per cent of the total, while 25 per cent of their children opt for a Blue Oval. Vauxhall remains in second place, though it has jumped from 12 per cent to 15 per cent.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen remains the brand of choice for seven per cent of young drivers, though Nissan has clawed its way ahead, now making up eight per cent of first cars – up from six per cent for the previous generation of new drivers.

Premium brands Audi and BMW have increased in popularity with Audi now polling six per cent compared to three per cent for the previous generation of new drivers, and BMW jumping from three per cent to five per cent.

Nick King, market research director at Auto Trader, said: "Your first car plays a significant role in your life. When drivers buy their first car they want to know it fits their lifestyle, personality and budget - but most of all people are looking for reliability which is perhaps why some of the most well known and loved car brands have maintained their popularity as a choice of first car."