​Video: Show-off riders cause big bike crash

Ride of the Century crash
YouTube / Sitdown Steve

Bikers have a bad rep. Many drivers see motorcyclists weaving through traffic at speed and pulling off ambitious overtakes and brand all bikers as reckless. And while that may not be the case, the two bikers in these clips definitely are.

However, it's not speed that is these bikers' downfall in St. Louis, Missouri, but the cocky riders, who think it's wise to pull wheelies on a public highway.

As the traffic ahead slows due to one biker slamming into another, a second bullish rider careers into the back of another innocent rider knocking them both off. All the while the more sensible riders raise their arms in frustration, as others get caught up in the mayhem.

These riders had been taking part in Saint Louis' annual three-day long 'Ride of the Century' event, which takes place every September. Freestyle stunt bikers flock to the event from across the USA and as far afield as Europe to take part in this street ride.

Have a watch of the videos below to see exactly what happened (with thanks to Car Throttle):