Schumacher medical treatment to cost £100k a week

F1 Schumacher

Michael Schumacher's continued rehabilitation is set to cost an estimated £100,000 each week, the Daily Mail reports.

The F1 legend recently left a specialist clinic in Lausanne – some 254 days after suffering major head injuries in a skiing accident – to continue treatment at home.

A medical centre has been built in the grounds of Schumacher's Swiss mansion, in which a team of 15 medical experts will care for his every need, with the aim of nursing him back to full health. It is though that wage bills and medical equipment rental alone will see the weekly bill reach six figures.

A spokesman for the clinic confirmed to the Daily Mail: "A large part of the team that cares for Michael now was trained by our specialists. We are following his treatment and are still a point of contact and entirely at his disposal."

Schumacher is understood to be in what medics describe as the 'minimal consciousness' phase of emerging from a coma. He remains unable to speak and exhibits only small movement of his eyes.

His manager, Sabine Kehm, previously announced that Schumacher's move home was not due to any significant improvement in his condition. Medical experts have commented that the familiar surroundings of home may well help with his recovery.

"Such emotional stimulation is very important for patients who have suffered a severe brain trauma," Manfred Spitzer, medical director at a specialist German brain hospital, told the country's BILD newspaper.

This will be the first time Schumacher has been home in the nine months since his skiing accident.