Video: One woman's war against littering

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For most right-thinking individuals, the sight of someone throwing litter out of their car window is enough to annoy. From the odd cigarette butt, to full-on bags of takeaway food, the things people will throw out onto the road is endless and there's seemingly little that can be done to counter this anti-social scourge.

One Russian motorcyclist, however, has decided enough is enough, and has taken it upon herself to administer justice to those she catches littering.

Capturing her escapades on her front-mounted dash cam, the woman can be seen casually siding up to littering motorists on her motorcycle, before aggressively ensuring they leave with their litter, whether that be by throwing it all over the inside of their cars, or even taping it to their wing mirrors (yes, really). After which she beats a hasty getaway through the traffic.

You can check out the results of her crusade against litter below. However, we don't recommend you take such direct action yourself, unless you like being chased down through traffic by an angry 4x4 driver you've just thrown a milkshake over...

Female Motorcyclist Confronts 'Litter Offenders'