​Video: Nissan GT-R suffers tyre blowout at 203mph

Nissan GT-R, blowout
YouTube / Иван Иванов

When it comes to modifying your car, many drivers swear by fitting the best tyres you can afford above all else. Just in case you need some persuasion before spending big money on four loops of rubber, take a look at the video below.

Here one brave driver attempts a top speed run in his – heavily modified – Nissan GT-R, which has no fewer than 800 hyperactive horses stuffed under the bonnet. Sadly, while his car's engine is up to the job, the tyres are less capable. As soon as the speedo hits 327kph (203mph), the front right tyre bursts spectacularly, throwing the car towards the right hand wall.

Thankfully the car had been driving in the middle of a four-lane highway, but with such high speeds the driver still has a fight on his hands to avoid flipping the car, especially as braking would throw the car's weight onto the front tyres.

Though the tyres fitted may be run-flat models, they are rated only up to 80kph when punctured – a far cry from the 327kph showing on the speedo when this tyre gives up the ghost.

Take a look at the video posted on Auto Evolution below to see the action for yourself: