​Young drivers could save thousands on insurance with kit car

Quantum Coupe
Flickr / Brian Snelson

Despite recent drops in car insurance premiums, young drivers can still be stung with bills for several thousand pounds to insure even the most low-powered and inexpensive machines.

However, there are some types of cars that should slash young drivers' premiums – kit cars. These DIY machines are typically sold to be built by the buyer and can be based on humble mechanicals underneath, meaning low running costs and easy maintenance, despite the swoopy bodies stuck on top.

While some exotic kit cars can be a costly route into car ownership for young drivers, others like Quantum should be one of the cheapest cars to insure, reports Car Throttle. The Quantum Saloon and Coupe are made from fibreglass and typically based on Ford Fiesta mechanicals. Consequently, finding parts and making repairs should be relatively cheap and simple too.

Specialist insurer Adrian Flux will cover drivers as young as 17 on Quantum cars, with premiums as low as £500 common. Do bear in mind, however, that there will often be a mileage cap of around 5,000 a year, which may limit their appeal somewhat.

While some young drivers may turn their noses up at the dated Saloon and Coupe, which went out of production a number of years ago, they will struggle to find such an affordable car to buy and insure. Take a look at the Quantum Owners' Club website to find used models for sale, with several models available from as little as £500 to £2,000.