World's fastest mobility scooter hits 108mph

World speed record mobility scooter
Facebook / Manx Drag Racing Association Official Page

Mobility scooters are most often spotted pootling around town at a leisurely 2.4mph, however one machine gives a new meaning to the word 'mobility', having chalked up a record-breaking speed of 108mph on Saturday – enough for a driving ban on any UK motorway.

This green machine blasted its way past the 100mph mark in a drag race at the Jurby Motordrome on the Isle of Man, annihilating the previous record which stood at a mere 82mph. Unsurprisingly the machine, owned by David Anderson and Matthew Hine who run a local body shop, has been custom built for speed, with underpinnings from a Suzuki 600 Bandit motorbike.

Even then it's no ordinary Bandit. Mr Hine, who drove the scooter into the record books at a Pokerstars Drag and Drift day, told the Daily Mail: "It's a 600 Bandit, slightly modified, split exhausts, tweaked carburettors shoehorned into a mobility scooter. The frame was a kart chassis, shortened and lengthened to fit into the scale of a mobility scooter."

The pair built the bespoke scooter from scratch in their workshop. After some changes to gear ratios the pair were able to achieve a top speed of 108mph during a recent race, after hitting 107.3mph in testing. The duo had been aiming for 108mph and said on Facebook that "anything less would be a fail", reports the Daily Mail.

David Anderson who worked on the bodywork said: "The body work is all aluminium and everything works on it as well such as the lights, indicators, brake lights – even the horn works."

Despite its impressive performance, the pair cannot register the scooter for use on the road as this rapid machine doesn't have any front brakes – a scary prospect considering its speed. It does however have a useful shopping basket. Hine and Anderson are now waiting for confirmation that they hold the record title from Guinness World Records.