​Video: Max Verstappen crashes F1 car at his public debut

Max Verstappen crash
YouTube/Exotic Carros

Most 16-year-olds struggle when allowed behind the wheel by their parents in a deserted car park. However, the stakes were a little higher for this teenager, who was given the keys to a Formula One car – just two weeks after he was confirmed as one of the 2015 Toro Rosso drivers, reports Car Throttle.

Yes, he may be predicted to be the next big F1 driver on the circuit – and will become the youngest ever F1 driver next year – but Max Verstappen is still a 16-year-old and he lived up to that at his public debut in Rotterdam, where he introduced one very pricey Red Bull F1 car to the Armco.

The signs weren't good when the teenager required a push from marshals to move him away from the barrier after getting too close for comfort and sure enough, a few spins later, Verstappen crashed into the opposite barrier, albeit in slow motion.

Watch the video for yourself to see if you can work out exactly what happened: