​The majority of children criticise parents' driving

Mother driving car, two children (8-10) sitting in back seat
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Handing over car keys to a 17-year-old is a brave move for any parent, but parents also face criticism from their children when it comes to their driving, a new survey reveals.

A survey of 2,000 people by payingtoomuch.com found that more than half of the drivers quizzed had been criticised by their children while behind the wheel. Common complaints included parents driving too slowly or driving too fast, or even driving too close to the car in front – showing that children might just make reasonable drivers...if they could reach the pedals.

However, the most likely comment from the back seats was that the car radio was either too quiet or too loud. A number of parents also said that they had been told off for swearing, gesturing at other drivers and using the horn. Also coming in for criticism was not holding the steering wheel with both hands and refusing to let another car pull out from a junction.

The survey found that on average children start commenting on their parents' driving from the age of just six, but some unlucky parents faced tirades of complaints from children as young as three.

Though a number of these criticisms are met by a wry smile from parents, a total of five per cent said that their kids' complaints had resulted in them bursting into tears.

If you're a parent tell us below if your children's comments have ever caused you to cry, or if you just brush them aside.