Renault considering hot Twingo

Renault Twingo

Renault has confirmed that a performance iteration of its new Twingo city car is being given serious consideration.

If launched, the new model would join an illustrious line-up of former hot hatchbacks from the French brand, though it would not wear the Renaultsport 'RS' badge that adorns the boot-lids of the hot Clio and Megane models, the performance division's boss, Patrice Ratti, told Autocar.

Currently, the main hurdle to a performance Twingo reaching showrooms is extracting a suitable level of power from the car's three-cylinder engine. The regular Twingo is offered with a brace of three-pot motors, ranging in power from 69bhp-89bhp, and a bigger four-cylinder unit simply will not fit in the engine bay without extensive modifications to the chassis and drivetrain.

The resistance to use the hallowed RS badge on any new performance model also stems from the fact that the car's power output is unlikely to beat the 131bhp offered by the outgoing Twingo RS, with Renaultsport preferring to use a less evocative 'GT' nomenclature.

"I wouldn't want to make it and not have it be as good [as the last Twingo RS]," Ratti told Autocar. "We have to decide."

The new model would also need to reach dealerships sporting a reasonable sticker price – something which harmed sales of the previous generation Twingo RS.

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