​Video: Spectacular Subaru near-miss at Nurburgring track day

Subaru Impreza spin
YouTube/Philip Allanby

Track days can be a recipe for disaster. Release a load of wannabe racing drivers into a world free from speed limits, sleeping policemen and bus lanes and what you get is tortured tyres, the occasional spin plus a never ending stream of unhappy customers who manage to total their pride and joy on turn one, when their ambition exceeds their talent.

And when it comes to track days there's one track that stands head and shoulders above the rest: the Nurburgring Nordschliefe. This testing 12.7-mile circuit has no fewer than 73 bends and has devoured the cars of many a hapless driver (and claimed a few lives, too), with its narrow course, unforgiving barriers and minimal run-off space.

Drive too close to the car in front and you're sure to have a big smash. Unless the gods are smiling on you, as in the case of these three lucky tailgating Subaru drivers who left very little margin for error. Miraculously all three managed to dodge the slowing cars ahead of them.

Take a look for yourself in the videos below, which unsurprisingly do feature swearing: