Car-loading family lacks spatial awareness

Sofa in a skoda
YouTube/Yorkshire Toon

If at first you don't succeed, try and try again – or so the old saying goes. One family obviously took that sentiment to heart when it came to the tricky task of loading a large piece of furniture into their small hatchback.

Filmed on an anonymous British street, the family of four is captured in the act of loading a three-seater sofa into the back of a Skoda Felicia hatchback.

It's immediately obvious to anyone watching that the large oblong sofa won't go into the small square load space in the back of the raggedy supermini, but not so obvious to the couple, who doggedly try to force it in at a multitude of different angles.

The family's plight would likely generate more sympathy if they'd chosen a car that had had a slight chance of accommodating even a portion of the sofa, rather than a car that was sold on the strength of its compactness.

It's not known whether the determined couple eventually managed to wedge the sofa in sufficiently to drive off, or whether they got so frustrated with it that they abandoned it on the side of the road.

Click play to watch their fruitless antics below.