Video: Biker recovers from epic crash in style

motorcycle rider in the city...
Shutterstock / Christian Mueller

Have you ever done something unbelievably amazing, only to turn around and find that no one was around to witness it? We've all been there, but thanks to the increased use of dash cams by motorists across the world, such moments that occur on the roads are being recorded and uploaded online for eternal posterity.

A good example of this is the footage below, which was captured by a driver on a Russian highway. Cruising along, listening to some (questionable) tunes, the driver is totally oblivious to the epic display she is about to witness.

The driver is swiftly undertaken by a speeding motorcyclist, who fails to anticipate the car in front changing lanes. Cue the inevitable high-speed rear-end collision, though this story doesn't end with a mangled biker being hosed off the road, as you might be expecting.

We won't spoil the surprise, but what happens is enough for the dash cam toting driver to stop dead in her tracks, resulting in a second rear-end collision.

Click play below to watch. You won't believe your eyes.