​The muscle car goes electric

Renovo electric supercar
Renovo Motors

The recipe for an all-American muscle car is simple - 1: Find chassis. 2: Cram in the biggest, noisiest V8 that will fit in the gap. 3: Serve on an arrow-straight piece of tarmac. Simple.

However Renovo's retro muscle car has a secret. This machine doesn't have a flame-throwing V8 under the bonnet. It doesn't even have one cylinder under there – despite the old-school looks, this machine has new-school electric tech under the skin – and lots of it, in true spirit of US muscle car excess.

This is no mere engineering project though. Renovo showed off its creation at last weekend's Pebble Beach Concours event and has announced that this beauty should be available to buy in 2015.

Where even Tesla's indecently rapid Model S packs a maximum of 410bhp, the Renovo turns things up to 11 with 500bhp of pure electric power. That's enough to catapult the Shelby Daytona-based Renovo to 60mph in just 3.4 seconds – aided in no small part by the car's 625kg weight advantage over the weighty Tesla. This electric supercar also pumps out a time-warping total of 1,354Nm of torque. Don't expect the tyres to last long...

Renovo was born in 2010 and hails from California's Silicon Valley. Its one and only creation is this EV Coupe, which boasts the company's patent-pending electric kit – all wrapped in a modified Shelby Daytona CSX9000 chassis and body.

Renovo EV Coupe

Renovo EV Coupe

The pair of motors each power one of the rear wheels, with the lithium-ion batteries able to be fast charged in just 30 minutes. No range figure has been released yet but with the ability to hit 60 in just 3.4 seconds, we can't imagine many Renovo drivers would have the discipline to achieve it anyway. This machine weighs in at a Nissan Leaf matching 1,475kg and maxes out at 120mph.

Renovo advisor and designer Peter Brock told Top Gear: "The shape was nearly perfect 50 years ago. The redesigned car has a totally updated body, frame, suspension and cabin - it's a new chapter for this chassis," he added.

A limited production run is scheduled for 2015. Pre-sales have already opened, though there is no announcement on price yet. We'll have two.