Video: The Stig performs F1 bungee jump

Top Gear Stig F1 stunt
YouTube/Top Gear

When it comes to extreme sports, bungee jumping and Formula One come with a healthy dose of kudos points. Combining the two of them though, is much more impressive – especially when Top Gear gets involved.

In this video everyone's favourite anonymous racing driver puts gravity to the test with an F1 car bungee stunt, with his high-tech (and high-price) machine plunging from a tall platform suspended by a crane.

We'll let you decide just how much of this video was carried out for real, but either way we think it looks like a pretty exhilarating new past time. If nothing else, this stunt is a good distraction from the seemingly endless Top Gear scandals that seem to be appearing in the papers...

After the success of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, we're looking forward to a Top Gear follow up with events including the pole vault and 10m diving.

Watch the Stig's antics for yourself in the video below: