'Police' scarecrow used to slow traffic

police scarecrow

Residents in the Lincolnshire community of Glentworth have come up with a novel way of slowing traffic passing by their houses – by dressing a dummy in a police uniform and propping it up at the entrance to the village.

The high-visibility scarecrow has proved an effective method of deceiving drivers into slowing down on the village's 30mph roads, but it could soon be removed now that it has come to the attention of the police and county council.

Alan Aistrup, head of highways at Lincolnshire County Council, said: "I did laugh when I saw this, and I can understand why somebody's put it up," reports the Lincolnshire Echo.

"But that said, it's not something that we can leave in place so we will speak to the parish council with a view to having it removed."

However, the scarecrow's demise might not be in vain, after Lincolnshire Police announced it was to investigate the problem of speeding around the village, following this novel attempt by residents to get drivers to slow down.

A police spokesman said: "This has only just been brought to our attention so we have yet to see the scarecrow and properly assess the situation.

"Whilst we praise the ingenuity of this resident, who clearly has the best interests of their community at heart, the concern is that it could actually be a distraction to drivers.

"If we conduct any form of speed enforcement, we do so with appropriate signage."