German truck driver shot at bad drivers more than 700 times

German Autobahn gunman

We've all had moments of road rage behind the wheel, but most of these pass without incident. One German truck driver however, got so enraged by bad drivers that he allegedly shot at their vehicles while driving along the country's Autobahn network.

A court in Wurzburg, Bavaria, heard that the trucker fired more than 700 shots at other drivers on German motorways over a five year period, claiming that he wanted to "teach them all a lesson" about their poor driving, reports Sky News.

Defendant, Michael Harry K, was arrested in June 2013 and is alleged to have carried out the indiscriminate attacks on motorists.

The 58-year-old from western Germany has been accused of five counts of attempted murder in addition to charges of grievous bodily harm after a number of motorists were injured in the shootings. One woman was critically injured in 2009 after being shot in the neck and crashing into a motorway barrier at speed.

If found guilty by the district court, the driver could receive a long prison sentence. Prosecutor Boris Raufeisen said that the trucker knew that he could have caused "serious accidents with considerable consequences to the point of death of other roads users," writes Sky News.

The defendant claimed during the investigation that he had not wanted to injure anyone and only aimed at trucks' loads. His legal team has rejected the charges of attempted murder.

Complicating the investigation, a number of motorists only realised that their cars had been struck when they arrived at their destinations. Reports state that the lorry driver claims to have only started his shooting campaign after nearly having a crash due to a poorly driven car transporter.

The trial continues.