​New Caparo hypercar teased

New Caparo model

When it comes to making a car properly rapid, there are two ways to do it: make it weigh as little as possible, or give it the most powerful engine you can fit into the engine bay. Or you can do both – which is the route British engineering firm Caparo has taken with its new T1 Evolution, which is now available to order.

Speed-obsessed buyers can now put their name down for a T1 Evolution, despite only having a basic sketch from Caparo to go on. Judging by the standard T1 though, you can be sure the new limited-edition F1-inspired model will be fast.

The current T1 weighs in at a scant 550kg without fluids with a 3.5-litre V8 engine sending a whopping 575bhp to the rear wheels. Not much has been revealed about the T1 Evolution but it should up that figure to a tyre-torturing 700bhp.

New hypercars from Bugatti and Hennessey may be set for 1,400 to 1,500bhp, but both tip the scales at way over twice the weight of the Caparo; expect the T1 Evolution to pull off some extremely competitive acceleration figures when it eventually makes its debut.

Despite the boost in power, the new car should have an easier-to-drive setup than the current model, with stiffer suspension and ABS, along with traction and stability control. The cabin will also be redesigned with additional driver comfort in mind and will include a telemetry and communications system. For added exclusivity buyers can also specify extras including silver, gold or platinum parts.

No prices have been announced but expect to pay around £250,000 for this new T1.