​Video: Rallying save of the year

Rally near miss

When it comes to driving skills, we all like to think we're a bit handy behind the wheel.

However, if there's one group of people perfectly justified in claiming that their car skills are a cut above the rest, it's got to be rally drivers; as ably demonstrated by Citroen driver Sebastien Chardonnet in the video below.

Racing on muddy gravel tracks in the WRC Finland, Chardonnet shows off his skills after a near-miss, courtesy of a ditch. Throwing his Citroen around a bend, he misjudges the turn, sending the side of the car into the muddy gully, which launches the car onto two wheels.

Rather than totaling the rally machine though, Chardonnet manages to keep the car on two wheels, before coaxing it back onto four tyres and carrying on around the corner like he planned it.

Mr Chardonnet – have a drink on us (sorry). See his skills in action in the video below: