Video: When car stunts go wrong


Car stunt gone wrong

The life of a Hollywood stunt driver appears to be a glamorous one: Travelling the world, performing awesome feats of daring that the stars themselves are too chicken to get involved with, and having the glory digitally rendered for eternal posterity - it's a life that would appeal to almost anyone with an ounce of petrol running through their veins.

However, like many cool jobs (fighter pilot, astronaut, ice-cream van driver) stunt driving is not without an element of risk, as the unlucky chap at the wheel of the car in the video below found out the hard way.

Reportedly shot by a bystander on the set of a US movie in China, the film shows the moment a car stunt goes horribly wrong, sending the vehicle somersaulting towards the crew, who have foolishly stood too close to the action.

Remarkably, given the speed and violence with which the car crashes towards the group, everyone managed to escape without serious injury.

Got ambitions to break into the high-octane world of stunt driving? You may reconsider after you click play below.

(With thanks to The Sunday Times Driving)