Porsche Cayman GTS makes for a good go-kart


Porsche Cayman GTS

Many a showroom salesman will claim their cars "handle like go-karts", insinuating that they've got the performance and handling to serve up huge driver thrills and change direction on a tuppeny piece.

Porsche, however, has decided to prove the single-seater-like agility of its new Cayman GTS by letting it loose around the narrow confines of the Mantova karting circuit in northern Italy.

Showcased in the video below, the Cayman displays its dynamic prowess as it negotiates the tight, twisting turns of the indoor track. Agility is clearly the key to mastering this environment, with the skilled driver revelling in the GTS's litheness rather than exploiting its 335bhp power reserves.

However, give it some room to play and the new GTS has certainly got the performance worthy of its bonnet badge. Fitted with a 3.4-litre six-cylinder motor, it is capable of dispatching the 0-62mph sprint in 4.6 seconds and romping on to a top speed of 177mph.

The GTS is also slathered with additional go-faster kit over the standard Cayman. Fitted as standard is Porsche's Active Suspension Management, which lowers the ride height by 10mm, and a Sports Chrono package that includes trick active engine mounts and a launch control function on automatic models.

Click play below to watch the Cayman GTS in action. Just don't be tempted to try it for yourself next time you're at your local karting centre.