​Bugatti Veyron successor in the works


New Bugatti Veyron

The successor to the iconic Bugatti Veyron is waiting in the wings and should offer a huge amount of extra muscle. Power is expected to swell a whopping 50 per cent from the mere 987bhp on offer in the current car.

We reported yesterday that rival speed demons Hennessey are planning a 1,400bhp monster to best the Veyron in the top-speed stakes. However Bugatti's new creation is expected to pack around 1,479bhp, so the Hennessey will have its work cut out when it comes to snatching the record for the world's fastest car.

With the Venom F5 gunning for a top speed of around 290mph and the Veyron expected to hit 286mph, expect competition to be fierce. The Veyron replacement is expected to feature a hybrid powertrain with a highly-tweaked version of the current car's turbocharged 8.0-litre W16 motor.

Company officials are looking for another speed record, reports Autocar, with the aim to secure "the fastest top speed of any series-production road car, together with the sort of driveability to allow you to use it every day".

Hybrid tech should also ensure that the new model can beat both the 1183bhp Veyron Super Sport's speed and 12.2mpg fuel economy. Bugatti is also aiming to cut down on the Veyron Super Sport's 1,840kg weight and figures including a 2.3 second nought to 62mph time and a 286mph top speed are potentially possible, one company insider has said.

Sources close to Bugatti have revealed that early test mules have already been constructed and undergone preliminary testing. One told Autocar: "Five developmental prototypes with differing powertrain combinations have been constructed up to now. They are based on the existing car but use various solutions that are being considered for the new model."

The new model is expected to be unveiled in 2016, ahead of the first customer deliveries in 2017. A total production run of 450 units is expected. Of the current models, 15 remain to be sold after the Veyron's speed record was beaten.