Driving through a forest fire is like descending into hell


Large flames of forest fireShutterstock / Evgeny Dubinchuk

There's no doubting the lot of the firefighter can be a tough one. Unquestioningly running into infernos to save the lives of complete strangers takes a certain type of good egg, and while firemen are well versed in not getting hot under the collar (sorry) in the face of your average domestic blaze, things can get a bit tense in the case of a raging forest fire.

The footage below shows the moment a US fire engine crew is forced to drive through an engulfed forest, as they desperately try to control the spread of a fire that has ravaged parts of northern California.

It's a nightmarish vision, with the once idyllic forest transformed into the seventh circle of hell. To their credit, the fire fighters remain calm (mostly) as burning chunks hit their vehicle and they venture deeper into the fiery wasteland.

Click play below to watch the astonishing film, though be warned: it contains strong language throughout.